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Yakitori Donburi (Rice Bowl) 焼き鳥丼

Updated: Mar 12

[Recipe レシピ]

Yakitori don, yakitori rice bowl
ingredients, Chicken thigh, leek, rice, nori, sesame, teriyaki, sauce, soy sauce, mirin, sugar, tablespoon
soy sauce, mirin, chicken, sugar, leek, steps

Yakitori Donburi (Rice Bowl) 焼き鳥丼

(Serves 2)

1. Mix soy sauce, sugar, and mirin; stir until dissolved.

2. Cut chicken thighs and leek into bite size pieces.

3. Pan fry chicken thighs and leek till golden brown.

4. Add teriyaki sauce; bring to boil and reduce the sauce till thickened.

5. Add everything on top of a bowl of rice. Sprinkle white sesame and shredded nori and serve.

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