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Mio London is an independent Japanese lifestyle online shop dedicated to sourcing better quality products that can stand the test of time, in terms of both durability and designs. 

Through Mio, we'd like to share our love for Japanese culture and aesthetics, and bring to you a unique, handpicked collection of homeware and accessories combining traditional and modern Japanese designs that are not only functional, but timeless, all beautifully made in Japan. ​

みお・ロンドン は、日本のライフスタイルを発信するオンラインセレクトショップです。当店は、耐久性、デザインともに優れた、高品質の商品を取り揃えております。


white cat










This store is named after our cat Mio, who came to our lives in April 2021 when the cherry blossoms in London was in full bloom, hence her name Mio. In Japanese, Mio can be written as "美桜", meaning "beautiful sakura". Contrary to her name, she is neither elegant nor gentle, but cheeky and mischievous.



Japanese tableware dishes plates made in Japan

Since then, we've been staying home a lot for her, which has also resulted in us doing most things from the comfort of our own home, from dining to working to hosting friends. We started sourcing high quality and durable homeware from Japan to enhance the aesthetics and comfort of our home. With the tableware we import from Japan, they also help recreate the restaurant & café experiences at home. 


coffee tea Cup and Saucer home cafe london cafes Japanese home Japanese cafe

With the Japanese proverb "Ichi-go ichi-e" (once in a lifetime encounter) in mind, this store is dedicated to our encounter with our cat Mio.



white kitten cat
Japanese culture
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