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Spam & Egg Onigiri スパムおにぎり

[Recipe レシピ]

Spam & Egg Onigiri スパムおにぎり
Ingredients, rice, nori sheet, spam meat, egg, mayonnaise
Steps to make Spam & Egg Onigiri スパムおにぎり

Spam & Egg Onigiri スパムおにぎり

(Makes four onigiri)

1. Cut Spam into 4 slices (adjust the thickness to your liking). Then pan fry both sides of the spam slices till golden brown. Fry eggs or make tamagoyaki and divide into 4 equal portions.

2. Cut two nori sheets into half. Fill the sheet with rice and leave a 2cm gap at the other end of the nori sheet.

3. Place egg and spam on top of the rice and add mayonnaise.

4. Fold and wrap the onigiri. Cut it in half and serve.

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