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Chawanmushi (Savoury Egg Custard) 茶碗蒸し

Updated: Mar 21

[Recipe レシピ]

Chawanmushi (Savoury Egg Custard) 茶碗蒸し
Ingredients shiitake mushrooms chicken thigh prawns dashi soy sauce mirin salt
Steps to make Chawanmushi (Savoury Egg Custard) 茶碗蒸し

Chawanmushi (Savoury Egg Custard) 茶碗蒸し

1. Slice two shiitake mushrooms into eight slices. Cut half of a skinless chicken thigh into four pieces. Combine dashi, soy sauce, mirin, and salt.

2. Add two eggs into the dashi mixture and mix well. You can remove the bubbles on top using kitchen paper.

3. Strain the mixture with a mesh sieve. This step is the key to a silky smooth egg custard.

4. Divide the mushroom slices and chicken pieces evenly between cups and add the egg mixture. Cover each cup with a lid, or aluminium foil. Put the cups in a pot of boiled water and steam on low heat for 15-20 minutes.

This recipe makes two big chawanmushi using our cups. If you use smaller cups, you can make four.

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