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8 Essential Japanese Condiments

Updated: Feb 2

Japanese cooking condiments and seasonings, soy sauce, mirin, sake, miso, potato starch, rice vinegar, dashi
Essential Japanese condiments for home cooking

The Japanese diet is considered to be one of the healthiest in the world and it is more than just sushi and ramen. You don't have to dine out to enjoy Japanese cuisine. Cooking Japanese dishes at home is a lot easier than you may think.

If you have these condiments in your cupboard, you can easily create a wide variety of healthy and delicious Japanese dishes at home.

  1. Soy sauce

  2. Mirin

  3. Sake

  4. Miso

  5. Katakuriko (potato starch)

  6. Rice vinegar

  7. Dashi powder

  8. Sesame oil

You can get them from Japan Centre, natural natural, Rice Wine Shop, and most Asian supermarkets in the UK.

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