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Pan-fried Yakitori フライパンで焼き鳥

[Recipe レシピ]

Pan-fried Yakitori フライパンで焼き鳥
Ingredients, chicken thighs, baby leeks, soy sauce, sake, mirin, sugar
Steps to make Pan-fried Yakitori フライパンで焼き鳥

Pan-fried Yakitori フライパンで焼き鳥

1. Cut leeks into 12 pieces and chicken thighs into 18 pieces.

2. Skewer the chicken and leek pieces. Alternate between the two. Prepare the sauce: Combine soy sauce, sake, mirin, and sugar; mix well.

3. Using a small amount of oil, pan fry each side of the skewers till the chicken is cooked and golden brown.

4. Remove the skewers from the pan and use a kitchen paper to remove the excess oil. Add the sauce, keep stirring, and reduce for 1 minute. Finally put the skewers back to the pan and cook both sides with the sauce till the sauce is thickened (~2 minutes).

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