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Karaage (Japanese fried chicken) 唐揚げ

Updated: Mar 12

[Recipe レシピ]

Karaage Japanese fried chicken 唐揚げ
Ingredients, chicken, chicken thighs, marinade, ginger, garlic, soy sauce, sake, pepper, salt, katakuriko, potato starch
steps, ginger, garlic, grater, chicken thighs, chicken, marinade, soy sauce, sake, deep fry

Karaage (Japanese fried chicken) 唐揚げ

(makes 15-16 pieces)

1. Grate ginger and garlic; add soy sauce and sake and mix well.

2. Cut chicken thighs into bite size pieces. Skinless for lower calories; skin-on for extra crispiness.

3. Marinade the chicken thigh pieces for 15-20 minutes or longer if you have time. Then drain the chicken to remove excess marinade. Add potato starch and mix well.

4. Deep fry the chicken for 3-4 minutes until they’re golden brown. Put them on a cooling rack before serving.

cooking tips, deep fry, cooling rack, oil strainer pot

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