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Japanese Fried Prawn エビフライ

[Recipe レシピ]

Japanese Fried Prawn エビフライ
Ingredients, prawns, flour, egg, panko, salt, pepper
Steps to make Japanese Fried Prawn エビフライ

Japanese Fried Prawn エビフライ

1. Devein the back of the prawn. The key to straight prawn tempura: make 4-5 cuts halfway into the belly of the prawn. Then turn it over; press the back of the prawn to break off the muscles (Swipe for video). Season the prawns with a pinch of salt and pepper.

2. Coat the prawns with a thin layer of flour, then dip in beaten egg.

3. Cover each prawn with panko.

4. Deep fry with a good amount of oil. Put the fried prawns on a cooling rack before serving.

(Optional) Serve with Japanese style tartar sauce.

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