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Japanese Braised Pork Belly 豚の角煮

[Recipe レシピ]

Japanese Braised Pork Belly 豚の角煮
Ingredients, pork belly, eggs, ginger, spring onions, water, sake, soy sauce, mirin, sugar
Steps to make Japanese Braised Pork Belly 豚の角煮

Japanese Braised Pork Belly 豚の角煮

1. Prepare 3-4 slices of ginger; separate the green and white parts of two spring onions. Boil 3-4 eggs for 8 minutes, then soak in cold water. Cut pork belly into chunks and pan fry till golden brown to get rid of the excess oil.

2. Move the fried pork belly chunks to a pot. Add water, green parts of the spring onions, and ginger slices. Shimmer on low heat for 1 hour.

3. Take out the pork belly, spring onion, and ginger. Remove the grease on top of the stock, then add sake, soy sauce, mirin, and sugar. Mix well.

4. Add the pork belly and peeled eggs to the mixture. Once boiled, shimmer on a low heat for 30 minutes. Serve hot and garnish with shiraga negi 白髪ネギ (fine slices of white part of a spring onion).

cooking tips - remove grease on stock
cooking tips - otoshibuta
cooking tips - shiraga negi, white hair scallion, garnish
Japanese mustard
Japanese condiments, soy sauce, mirin, sake

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